THERE HAS BEEN A SLIGHT CHANGE TO THE COMPANY vs. EMPLOYEE CONTRIBUTION BEGINNING ON MARCH 27, 2017.  Thank you to SGP for continuning to offer this service to your employees and for still providing a generous contribution. 

Massage Booklets -  

Need a massage but you don't always carry cash?

Need a gift idea for co-worker?

Massage booklets are available for purchase!


Standard Desk Massage   5-$45 

Deep Desk massage         5-$75


Buy 10 get 1 free 

Standard Desk Massage   11- $90

Deep Desk Massage         11-$150 


Safeguard Massage = Stress Resolution

Our mission is to reduce job stress, elevate performance, and boost workplace productivity. How much can massage really help?

Studies have shown that the benefits of corporate massage are almost instant. The brain begins to recharge in just a few minutes and with just the right touch. Tired muscles feel rejuvenated right away.

Imagine how much more productive employees will be when their brains and bodies are being refreshed in tandem on a regular basis. Rested workers are relaxed and ready to get down to business.

Corporate massage benefits not only your employees but also your customers. Your workforce is put in a good mood, engaging better with customers and leaving them feeling good about your company.

Create a healthy, productive work environment or make your next event a guaranteed success with Safeguard Massage. Maximize the benefits of your hard work with on-site chair massage or table massage. What better way to tell your employees that you care about their physical well-being?